Stevo Zarvanjski

Stevo Zarvanjski

Condo replacing 7-Eleven in Toronto


Yet another mid-rise residential development is coming to Queen St. East, this time atop the ghost of countless lukewarm taquitos and frothy Slurpee runoff.

Have you ever longed to live inside a 7-Eleven? You still can’t, but the new Hullmark project at Queen Street and Larchmount Avenue might be your next best option.

The ubiquitous convenience store chain quietly shuttered its popular location at 1151 Queen Street East late last year, leaving regular customers sad and confused.

1151 Queen East

The 7-Eleven store at 1151 Queen Street East has been boarded over and painted black since shutting down in December. Photo by blogTO.

Some in Leslieville might still be disappointed, but at least they now know why the store is gone: Condos!

Planning materials submitted to the City of Toronto at the end of April show that Hullmark Developments Ltd. intends to build a six-storey, mixed-use building with 52 residential units and approximately 450 square meters of retail at grade.

Renderings provided in the application are still pretty basic, but the landscape and lighting plans reveal some pretty nice features in and around the site such as a green roof, an outdoor amenity terrace with trellises running overhead and a number of beautiful, resilient Shademaster Honeylocust trees.

1151 Queen East

Rendering via Hullmark and the City of Toronto.

Whether or not 7-Eleven will try to reclaim its old space at retail level remains to be seen. A completion date (or even a ground-breaking date) has yet to be set.

One thing is for certain: The vacant lot in front of the old store, where people have been parking for free, will soon be gone. 

Sorry, Leslieville. Your car’s free ride is over.

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