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Toronto’s first ‘smokeless’ condo starts sale ahead federal pot bill | CBC News

Toronto’s first ‘smokeless’ condo starts sales ahead federal pot bill Canadians across the country are closely watching the countdown to the legalization of cannabis this summer, with many businesses clamouring to join the multi-billion dollar pot industry.  A Toronto housing developer, however, is bucking the trend by selling the GTA’s first

Condo replacing 7-Eleven in Toronto

  Yet another mid-rise residential development is coming to Queen St. East, this time atop the ghost of countless lukewarm taquitos and frothy Slurpee runoff. Have you ever longed to live inside a 7-Eleven? You still can’t, but the new Hullmark project at Queen Street and Larchmount Avenue might be your

Toronto Condo Design is Set to Take a Major Leap Forward

There’s something exciting happening to Toronto condo design. You won’t notice the change on the skyline just yet, but after decades of glass box construction, the city is poised to embrace far more daring architecture.  There are a handful of projects in the works right now that are set to